Aigaliers, France

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Project Description

Project Details

Location Aigaliers, France
Installed Capacity 10,773.45 kWp
Commercial Operations Date 1st September 2015
Expected production per annum >15,000 MWh

Project Description

Our solar power plant at Aigaliers combines two different technologies: silicon photovoltaics on single-axis trackers (Hz) and concentrated photovoltaics on dual-axis trackers (CPV). The CPV part of the plant (pictured above) utilizes triple-junction solar cells (Soitec CXM 500) with point focusing silicone on glass Fresnel lenses and dual-axis trackers (Exosun) to capture direct normal irradiation with a concentration ratio of 500. The Hz part uses polysilicon solar cells (Sillia) and tracks the sun’s path during the day (Exosun single-axis trackers) to maximise production.

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