Ground-mounted plants

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Project Description

Project Details

Locations Aigaliers, Lavernose, Tour-sur-Orb, Le Fouilloux
Installed Capacity 31 000 kWp
Commercial Operations Date 2015 – 2017
Expected production per annum 40 331 MWh
Number of households consumption covered 17 162
Tons of CO2 avoided per year 1 935

Project Description

Our ground-mounted plants portfolio is comprised of 4 different plants:

  • one located in Aigaliers of 10,77 MWp that combines two different technologies: silicon photovoltaics on single-axis trackers (Hz) and concentrated photovoltaics on dual-axis trackers (CPV).
  • one located in Tour-sur-Orb of 3,85 MWp on a fixed-tilted configuration.
  • one located in Lavernose of 4,58 MWp and which uses polysilicon solar cells (Sillia) and single-axis trackers (Exosun) to follow the sun during the day in order to maximise production.
  • one located in Le Fouilloux of 11,92 MWp on a fixed-tilted configuration.

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